The Joy of Sadism

Deep within, I harbor a primal need to hunt, to aggress, and to torture. I am a Sadist and truly at My best when I can share My range of cruel delights with reciprocating parties (i.e.: you). I can easily be a bully or a benevolent beauty, but I always like to get My way.


Whether a good mindfuck, predicament bondage, or a corporeal punishment, teasing out what makes you weak is extremely fun. Interrogation scenes are some of the most dynamic exchanges I've had in a dungeon, even when there never was a "code".

It's such a good laugh! 

I enjoy a sporting good time deciphering just what methods make you tick, breaking you down with your volunteered information.

I take joy in hearing your very real cries and moans of sweet suffering!

"My satisfaction is not simply in the act of torture, but in your endurance of it for Me." 

-Goddess Charlotte Lashes

Oftentimes, your anticipation of the pain is the very thing that keeps you in a state of terror. Maybe this even turns you on!

I'll admit how much I enjoy making you ride this edge of fear. I drink in the whimpers and tears with relish and it never gets old. 

If this sounds like fun, connect with Me, below.

Enjoy a short list of My favorite play:

  • Ballbusting

  • Cock & Ball Torture

  • Canes

  • Paddles, Floggers

  • Needles & Medical Staples

  • Trampling

  • Sensory Play

  • Fear & Terror Play 

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