Hunting  for  Prey

Deep inside, I harbor a primal need to hunt, to agress, and to torture. I am a sadist and truly at my best when I can share my range of cruel delights with reciprocating parties (i.e.: you). I can easily be a bully or a benevolent beauty, but I get my way.

I enjoy a sporting good time deciphering just what methods make you tick, breaking you down with your volunteered information, and take joy in hearing your very real cries and moans of sweet suffering.

A flake of salt enhances the sweetness of caramel.

Likewise, a little bit of pain prolongs the pleasure.

Skating the edge between the two is a delicate dance that can take immense trust and time, but it all starts with the courage to be the prey, the courage to embrace your surrender and submit your flesh to unknown pleasures, and to cross vast territories of sensation and self discovery. 

A Note:

This is not slap and tickle style play, but rather a deeper dive into the complexities of sadomasochism, this is serious play shared with those who have prior experience with a Pro and can provide references.

I hunt for those who wish to be my prey. Everything is discussed and negotiated upfront. All parties are consenting.

I ask that you indicate this in your email to me. 

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