"Seduction is like fire dancing: it is a dynamic of art and skill to flirt with danger so effortlessly."

-Mistress Charlotte Lashes

Allure and enticement are skills at which I am quite practiced. The moment I catch you, slackjawed, gasping, and drooling for my body is a victorious moment for me. You've taken the bait. Now see just how long you can last. 

Seduction is a game and there can be only one winner. 

That's me. 

Watching you writhe in delight, wriggle in your seat to adjust your growing erection. Your body decieves you and I know you can't look away, even when you think you should. My sexuality is magnetic, I want you to be attracted to me. You are much easier to manipulate when you fall under my spell. 

I dare you to give in to my feminine charms. Let me mold you like clay while denying you with every cunning gesture.

I've been told my silky voice and sensual tone send shivvers down the spines of many an admirer. I love sharing this with you via Niteflirt and Streamate. I invite you to join me online for the best in Distance Denial.

The destination is rarely as exciting as the journey. With me, I will train you to enjoy the ebb and flow of pleasure without end.

Everything will change, but you must trust me.

You've always wanted a beauty to beat to, one you could never have imagined in your wildest dreams would now be telling you about YOUR cock in particular.

I will own you. 

I will control your pleasure. I will deny what you want, but give you just what you need.

Your orgasms are mine to manipulate.

I want you to hand me your sources of power and let me slowly and mercilessly destroy you with them.

If you enjoy such interests, let me know in the contact form linked below.

One of my biggest fantasies involves locking up your most masculine member for a prolonged duration, leaving me the ONLY access. Since I would be your key holder, it would be important to allow you very limited access to your pleasure. This could be done with a wifi-based lock. You would have 15 minutes to clean, care for, and pleasure yourself. Your alternative could involve using a vibrator on the outside of the cage. You can't say I'm not a kind Mistress!

I'm also interested in those lost boys on the internet who stroke and stroke while they watch porn.

I don't want you to cum. 

You read that right.

No cumming.

Instead, let your thirst lead you and let me help.

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