Training & Protocol


When considering entering into the world of kink, an education of some form helps set the tone for the acolyte. It is also said that those with a "slave heart" are called to erotic slavehood. I have been fortunate enough to lead many through Dominant/submissive power exchange. BDSM is an exploration of self as well as between Top & bottom, Dominant & submissive. Moreover, it adds depth and nuance to think critically about kink and experiment in a safe setting with an experienced Domina you trust. I welcome those looking to explore the mysteries of FemDom. Training you about service submission, practicing it, and integrating it into your life is at the core of My mission.

The rituals I have developed with my pets vary from monthly meetings to daily devotionals. Each ritual is unique and powerful when the intention of the submissive is to do their best for their Mistress

Some of My pets identify as sluts and enjoy more penetrative exploration at My command. I have a running list of resources for safe toys, plugs, and lubricants for you to peruse.  Be My dirty little slut and have peace of mind knowing your Mistress cherishes the gift of playing with you.  

Sissies also approach Me rather frequently. For you Sissies, let's explore panties, platforms, pantyhose, and special protocol that leaves you feeling frothy, soft, and feminized. Maybe you long to be transformed into the "village tramp"; let's make sure you really enjoy the limits we push because nothing thrills Me more than a good trashy makeover. Glory hole, anyone?


If any of these appeals to you, please expound on that in your contact form. 

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