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Traveling to the SF Bay Area March 7-9

Dear pets and prospective playthings,

I'll be heading to California in March for lots of kinky adventures in the fog.

The Bay is my original home as a Domina and I'm happy to return to a place rich with ideas, creative cooperation, fabulous arts and entertainment, and an undisputed Mecca for Kink. There is a good chance I have an opening for you in my schedule if you play your cards right. Remember, my contact form is mandatory, so please visit here first to ensure your spot.

I'll have a fully furnished dungeon in which to capture and confine you. Your scene can include but is not limited to leather gear, hoods, restraints, rope, even a hoist! I'll bring my ErosTek 312 Box for all the bondage bottoms that enjoy a little e-stim, as a treat.

You can be as loud as you want: I have plenty of gags, head harnesses, and hoods to keep you quiet and a stereo system that is sure to drown out your cries of pleasurable torment!

I will have leather garments with me for worship including boots, skirt, vest, and gloves. I will bring an assortment of sissy panties and pantyhose for my Nylon fetishists and sissy sluts. My strap may end up in my checked bag, one never knows. Those submissives who wish to get in my good graces need only send me prompt and tasteful contact form replies. Do not delay, pets.

Do not miss your chance to serve a living Barbie Domme: kiss my feet, take my discipline, and free yourself of the drudgery of your mundane life, at least for an afternoon.

I will be waiting for you...

Kinky Barbie Domme


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