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Et Gloriam Dea: A FinDom Reverie

Kink is full of obscure desires, some of them are more obviously sexual, others more cerebral. I put FinDom in that second category. The cornerstone of FinDom for me is financial power and control of my finsub, human wallet, or ATM (whichever term appeals to you). In any FinDom arrangement, I design it to my advantage and men are left to suffer and starve. She who controls the bag, controls the man. The euphemism of holding the bag brings to mind the image of a tight grip from a gloved Domina on the stretched out and crushed scrotum of her sub.

Since men hold high paying positions and amass significantly more wealth than women, it is only natural for us to harness your wealth for our own gain. What better way to do that than tightening those purse strings? What better control than through financial dominance? I don't dominate what is not offered, so I would never force anyone to be my human wallet. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and your financial servitude would begin with your sound-minded consent to enter into such an agreement. Relinquish your financial power to me and trust in my leadership implicitly.

I will enjoy your income going forward. You will go on as you have with a few changes. First, you will owe me 51% of your income. You will send me proof of your income and any accounts you would like me to know about. We create an arrangement where your payday is my payday, too. You will scale down to a small apartment that you will rent. Sell what you don't need, donate what you can't sell. Send me the money.

You will not have the privilege of adorning your new place, it is simply your dwelling from which you leave to go to work and to which you return from running yourself ragged for my amusement. I will create your very strict budget and remind you how to shop when you've been left with so little. It will be fun, just like college days. You will eat, but not like you did before. You may end up eating better since you have fewer options and so many good deals on root vegetables. You will clip coupons like your life depends on it. Sometimes it will.

Extracurriculars that you may have indulged in before are now off limits. You will live like an ascetic for me, conditioned to be grateful when I hand down a directive. As far as pastimes, if it cost you something, strike it from your schedule. You will now enjoy a daily walk in your neighborhood or learn to grow your own edible garden. Or take the initiative to clean up a littered area of town and collect cans. Give them to can collectors for free. Go the extra mile, pick up all the trash, too! Sort for recycling and compost if that is in your area. SHOW ME! I want to see the impact, I DEMAND results.

If you live near natural water ways, you are now responsible for maintaining their beauty.

Do this quietly and without bitterness for others who are not doing the same. Who are you to judge, wallet? You're only a wallet. MY wallet.

Actively and humbly work on caring selflessly for parts of town that get forgotten.

Donate food to the food bank, but take no donations.

Wear a cock cage discretely while you carry out my orders and meditate on how proud of you I would be. These are your new investments: your physical health through organic means and your spiritual health through hard work and service.

You will only jerk when you send me money. That is the only time it will make sense for you to stop your busy life: tithing your Goddess.

Send, jerk, repeat.

This worshipful act of gratitude is when you may finally uncage your chaste cock and jerk for your Financial Domina.

Send, jerk, repeat.

But no cumming without authorization from ME directly. Just as I deny you access to wealth and comfort, I deny you access to the very release of your bodies deepest desire. I control your cock through your money. This is why it feels so much better to send a tithe.

Some nights, you will weaken and stroke your cage, dreaming of my beautiful body standing over you, my creamy thighs and painted toes looming over you. My fists resting powerfully on my hips and my eyes casting an icy stare down to your tiny frame. You're only a small leather wallet and I have found you. I want to reach inside of you until you're empty. But a useful wallet needs to remain full. You begin to understand, your cock cannot cum or you (the wallet) will be empty. You'll stroke to the confusion and at the precipice of release, you will immediately feel guilty and send me a large tithe, honoring me in the process, the ritual of worship complete.

Your ruined orgasm paid for.

You will care for your humble home regularly while I watch you on cam. Mentally taxing activities will be utilized to wear down your resistance. I want to see you sustain your joy when you're completing menial tasks with specific instructions while I watch and correct you on cam.

I want you to wash your dishes by hand, with diligence and care. I want you to live in poverty for me. I want it to change you and make you adjust your ego significantly all the while you worship me by praising what power I have over you. Your reverence and allegience to me will be unmatched.

Are you the same man without a wallet?

Without a big house?

Are you still powerful when you pay me more than half your income to spoil and fund my lavish lifestyle?

Afford me the luxuries that I require and I will turn your world upside down.

You will learn real power does not come from financial wealth, but through character building, pain, resilience, and the ability to mobilize and manage people without violence.

You will be remolded and reprogrammed to be the best version of yourself in your entire existence as my financial submissive. It makes me smile intensely to think about, how about you?


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