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COVID Ruins the Party...Again

Greetings pets and playthings! It is good to get back to My blog after quite a few months off. The holidays have come and gone. I was fortunate enough to have a local submissive come to Me in November for some domestic punishment. What a joy he was, too, and took his spanking and punishment like a champ!

I took a very fun trip to San Francisco and played with one of My most long-lasting submissives who loves to be tied up with delicious nylon stockings and a wonderful new plaything who gave Me a whole afternoon of sadistic fun! I can't wait to poke that delightful pincushion again when next I return to the Bay!

In late November, early December, we all thought Covid was in check to some degree and as long as we all were vaxxed & boosted and kept our N95 masks on while traveling, we were safe to socialize again.

Fast-forward to today. It's January 9th and we are past all of the seasonal sharing of love and goodwill and we are all now facing a new COVID variant: Omicron. I was really looking forward to doing something exciting on the 28th (My birthday), but will now have to temper My expectations of going out for fun.

With the new variant running wild through every major city in America, I have no choice but to shut down in-person dungeon sessions for the time being. I feel it is the best option to take for now. I am still offering distance domination. If you want very badly to serve Me, I have several ways you can:

You may also send Me gifts of cash, top-grade gear, & luxury items to:

Charlotte Lashes

1523 132nd St. SE, Ste. C #203

Everett, WA 98208

Goddess knows how much you want to serve Me and I want you to continue to honor My divine grace through your service, devotion, and ritual sacrifice. With My leadership & care, you will learn to be the kind of erotic slave I want and desire and when it is safe to open back up the dungeon, I know you will be there to please Me as you will have been trained well by My own hand, albeit virtually.

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