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Summer Updates, SF Tour

Greetings lovely reader,

Summer is flying by, but I have definitely managed to find joy in the simple pleasures of being in wild natural settings over the last few months. I hope you have, too. The world has become a cruel and uncertain place, but I have found a new submissive to regularly beat and torment and it has done wonders for My mood *and* My skin!

(My goodboy knows who he is).

I've done quite a bit of cleaning up on My site and I've added a few new listings on some Domina repositories I had been remiss in noticing! Better late than never.

In September, I will be traveling to San Francisco. I have the great pleasure of studying under Mistress Eve Minax at the Academy for SM Arts with the legendary Madame Cleo DuBois! These Women and this space are sacred to Me and I look forward to a weekend intensive chock full of knowledge and fleeting moments of profound realization.

Click Here to contribute to My education.

This means I will be *available* in San Francisco the same weekend! Dinner dates and your submission will be considered for September 13-16; please send Me a completed submission form on My site and let's negotiate.


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