Chaste April

Welcome to Chaste April: A Restrained Spring!

For the entire month of April I will be holding a chastity challenge on LoyalFans. Click here to subscribe to My site for this fantastic event. I love watching you crumble from within when I say "NO" to you. Your climax will be the last priority this month and My demented sense of humor will have a wildly fun time torturing you in My own special way! 

I have designed Chaste April to be fun, painful, weird, exciting, and frustrating!

The tasks for this chastity event will be randomly chosen by Me twice a week. Some challenges will have video clips. Some tasks will be pleasurable some painful, but you will always be left confused and thwarted.  

If you think you will "cheat", you are only cheating yourself. Honesty with self and Me should be at the forefront of this month's undertaking.


I want to see proof of your completion. Either shoot a small video or photo and send to My inbox.


So! Are you Game?

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Welcome to a World of Suffering!

Feeling guilty for touching too early?

Tribute when the guilt becomes too much for you to bear! When sending, only use a green heart 💚 emoji in the subject line.

Assuage your guilt, clear your mind. Leave a sizeable tithe and you will be forgiven. Should you fail, may the guilt of your misdeeds weigh heavily on your mind as you consider how little self-control you have.  May you be plagued with pangs of shame for acting against the wishes of your Goddess. You must be made to understand your wrongs and to do everything in your power to make an act of contrition appropriate to your violation of our agreement.