1. NO one under 21. 

  2. NO animals.

  3. NO breath play. 

  4. NO substances IN ANY FORM allowed in our meetings.

  5. NO pushing MY limits. I have many skills, but if you expect Me to honor your limits, you must honor Mine.

  6. NO play involving racial slurs or language that is Islamaphobic, Antisemitic, or transphobic.. 


Many crave to be near me, but few may have that privilege. For those of you who can not come to visit me, I sell used and gently worn socks, undergarments, pantyhose, stay up stockings, and sometimes real 100% Nylon stockings. 

I send all garments out immediately after wear in a sealed plastic bag with a hand written note. Garments are priced beginning at $50 and go up according to Mistress' discretion. 

Used Underthings


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