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Now Booking for April

We are now living in the age of COVID & because of this, I am very selective with whom I book. Successful applicants will follow My screening & testing protocol and send deposit without needing to be prompted. 


As the U.S. begins to emerge from COVID and the requirements for masking have loosened considerably, I have adapted My application process to reflect present day considerations. Along with other pertinent information, I'm requiring any and all supplicants to include their

  1. Government Issued ID as well as

  2.  proof of your COVID-19 vaccinations +BOOSTER!


My intake form is designed to make it easy for you to provide all necessary information and documents in one place! 

This information is for Me to verify you are who you say you are. As soon as your identity and vaccine status have been cleared with Me, the documents will be destroyed. 

Ready to begin? Complete My application outlining your interests and ideal scene. You will need to send a $50 tribute to submit your application for consideration. 

When it has been determined that I will honor your session, you will send Me half of your session fee as a deposit. This will be added to your total fee the day of our session and before we begin. 

  • Ex.: 3 hours = $850, 50% of 850= $425 

Be discreet when using My pay platforms; you need not send any notes or emoji's. Sending this initial tribute will get you a response.

Applications sent without payment will be deleted.


The Seattle dungeon space is located inside a building with a long flights of stairs. Unfortunately, it is not ADA compliant. Please keep this in mind when considering your application. Outcalls to select hotels in My city are still available for an additional +200/hour.

The Bay Area dungeon space has an initial step to overcome, then it is navigable once inside. Please shower before arriving. There will not be one available. 


Both spaces are well appointed with hard points, restraints, toys, whips, canes, dungeon furniture including a mechanical winch for any suspension needs. Seattle's dungeon features a full shower and bath tub replete with towels. 

If you have a toy, a garment, or dungeon gear that you wish to bring with you, please be sure it is secured in a discreet bag or suitcase luggage. 


My time is precious and I enjoy spending it with those who honor and respect its value. With that in mind, all tributes are for My time. Do not ask for any sexual services, you will not find them here.

Outcalls are honored at My discretion and to properties of My choosing. 

Incall    Outcall

2 Hour (min.)           600           800

3 Hour                    850         1050

4 Hour+                1100+       1300+


Water Sports                     +200

Full Toilet (2 hr. min.)          1000



I have the pleasure and privilege of operating out of a very well equipped dungeon in Seattle as well as San Francisco. These places are sacred spaces of BDSM ritual and it is expected that you follow all rules and be on your best behavior.

 1. Goddess Charlotte is in charge. Once the door to the dungeon closes, you will comply with My direction. You will address Me as Goddess or Mistress and thank Me for the opportunity to submit. Obedience and respect are expected of you.

2. Have tribute ready before session begins.


3. DO NOT REMOVE YOUR MASK UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN PERMISSION TO DO SO. Depending on your COVID test that you take the day of our meeting, you may be asked to remain masked. No exceptions.



6. My Seattle dungeon features a full bathroom with shower. You will be expected to shower before our session.​

7. No Brats or Bratty behavior. I cultivate an environment of trust and bratty behavior is disruptive to that. 

8. Discretion. All events that transpire within the dungeon remain confidential. This goes both ways. ​

9. A thank-you note is required 1 day after your session. You may share with Me what you enjoyed during our meeting.