Shame is a complicated idea. It is instilled and reinforced in us very young. For some of us, we learn to disassociate the shame from our erotic adventures. This takes a lot of courage and time, but the rewards are worth the journey. For some, shame can be the key to unlocking parts of our sexuality, but how do we play with shame safely and without fear?

Trust is what keeps our play safe. 

I am a big proponent of self-examination and self-improvement, not only for my supplicants and submissives, but for myself, as well. I use humiliation and manipulate your shame from a joyful place, never in anger. 

I continue to study various styles and improve on my arsenal of verbal degradation to stay fresh and creative. Since playing with humiliation is so deeply personal, I enjoy connecting with you to discuss the triggers that best suit your kink. Nurse Ratched may be perfect for one person, but yet another will better appreciate Regina George. Maybe you crave a Joan Crawford/Christina Mommy/girl roleplay after you've been sissified. Maybe roleplaying infantilism is the level of humiliation you seek, with diapers, pacifier, and baby talk.

Or the Varsity Cheerleader Captain who is gifted with a heavenly body and a sadistic sense of humor. 

Maybe you just need to be told how insignificant your miserable little cock is. All of that focused attention on your most masculine attribute only to be pointed and laughed at? And by such a beautiful woman?


Many subs that venture to my cam room ask for sexy SPH. I take my time to learn about you and find those trip wires that push all your buttons just so. I am with you from start to finish and available for aftercare and consultation for those who are unsure or new to playing with these concepts.

Want to know more? Contact me below.

A Word About Mommy Roleplay

Mommy is a wonderful element to play with in fantasy. I'm often asked to play a Mommy who feminizes my boy. I have an assortment of sissy clothing and panties to tease and dress you in!

Sometimes there are adult babies out in cyberland looking for someone to tuck them in and read them a story. 

All of this play speaks to my heart as I think of myself as a maternal dominant. I enjoy sharing my creative Mommy roleplay with good adult babies and littles. 

But this sweetness has an undercurrent of cruelty.

Mommy knows best, so don't argue. 

You are never right.

Mommy has seen and heard it all, and won't tolerate bad behavior.

Punishments are to be expected from listless, lazy boys who don't tidy their spaces and complete their chores. 

Punishments include, but are not limited to spankings, mouth-soapings, enemas, pant-soakings, public humiliation, butchered hair cuts,

and face-slapping. 

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