Humiliation Kink

Words are spells, they hold power. When I play with humiliation, It's My desire to create a safe environment for you to hear those triggering words and phrases for the erotic charge they give both of us. I want you to leave your judgement behind and step into a a fantasy space where its ok to be turned on by verbal degradation.


I do no condone self-hate and do not like to use phrasing that could be construed as such. I support and affirm, even if our negotiation involves Me being heavy-handed with language. 


When you feel safe to do so, I want to encourage you to give Me lots of detail about your embarassment or humiliation kink when you complete your contact form. I may ask you more probing questions if I feel I don't have enough information; communication is core to good Humiliation play. Indeed, it feels flat and 2-dimensional.


Trust, honesty, and open communication are not only critical for exploring with partners, we owe ourselves the same time to understand and know about what embarassing thing turns us on. 

Unpacking all the things that make us feel shame may hold the key to our taboo desires. 

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