I get my my biggest laugh when humiliating willing supplicants!

What might look like inflicting psychological pain can be a hot humiliation kink scene for someone. Insecurities, pain, and emotional trauma can conspire with our sexuality to create the perfect storm of desires and cravings difficult for us to explain sometimes. The only answer is to find an outlet with someone you trust. Kink is no substitute for therapy, but together, they make an unstoppable team for self actualization.    

I work to maintain a non-judgmental environment for play of this kind. For me, it is important to have trust and communication. The more freely you can share with me, the deeper our connection can go. 

Whether you enjoy light teasing, name-calling, public embarrassment, or simply enjoying the shame itself, I delight in finding your Achilles heel and digging in with my most cunning tactics. 

A short list of activities I have enjoyed with pets in person and on cam:

  • Cum Eating Instruction - Goddess always gets her way

  • Wearing panties to work

  • Name-calling (ex: loser, cuck, beta, fuckface, etc.)

  • Laughing & Teasing

  • Pissing your pants for Me

  • Small Penis Humiliation

  • Menial tasks under pressure

  • Embarassing predicaments

  • Mouth Soaping

  • Punishment Haircuts

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