I am Goddess Charlotte Lashes, 

THE Kinky Barbie Domme.

Goddess, Sadist, Soverign 

I've captivated and compelled you to My site.

You are magnetized to Me and My prowess because it is no secret how weak you are to My Beauty. 

You wish to be captured, owned, used.

As an Erotic Dominant, I have within My power the ability to corrupt and beguile you with My words, My commands, My figure.

Men fall to their knees for Me in ecstatic submission. I subject them to humiliation and self-abasement for My amusement.

I am a mirror to amplify and elucidate your most colorful fantasies and arousing nightmares.

What depravity gnaws at you from within?

What do I seek?

Every submissive man that prostrates himself to Me is a conquest to be won. I will conquer as many as possible.

I demand your worship, reverence, submission.

You will serve Me, please Me, and to entertain Me.

 I am a light in the darkness I indulge.

I am your authority and leader, here to steer you rightly on this journey.

You will follow Me and  I will improve your life;

obey Me

and marvel at how much richer life is with a Goddess who gives you purpose!

My sadistic tastes and earthly indulgences will steer you toward self-actualization. 

With consent, I access your physical and psychic edges and open spiritual doors in the process. 

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