I am Goddess Charlotte Lashes, THE Kinky Barbie Domme.

I am Goddess, Sadist, Soverign, the West Coast's Elite Leather Domme and Fetish Queen.

As a Dominatrix practicing on the West Coast of the US, most especially in Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area.  My allure weakens your resolve with every move, every glance, every utterance. I tease and torture, smelting your ego and reprogramming you to be the best version of yourself.  

I lead you up to the edge and encourage you to obliterate your internal barriers.

I may let you free fall for awhile, but you are tethered to Me and will never crash.

What do I seek in a supplicant?

What I am truly looking for are pets who wish to develop their service skills, masochists with good manners, erotic slaves who wish to sacrifice parts of themselves for My continued satisfaction. I like to have creative and thoughtful pets who throw themselves into service and submission. In My years of practicing as a Dominatrix, I have discovered there are 4 core principles of a successful Domme/sub relationship: SURRENDER, OBEDIENCE, WORSHIP, & REVERENCE.

I want a supplicant who will relent and surrender their flesh, mind, and spirit to Me.

I want respectful, obedient, and yielding submissives that will trust Me implicitly.

I want a submissive who will practice daily devotionals to their Goddess, innovating your utility within My Fempire.

I demand reverence from My supplicants. I want to have left such an impression on your psyche that it shakes you to your very core.

I seek pets who dream of their torment with delicious longing, human objects to use often, patrons to support My kink for money & My lust for luxury.

I seek erotic slaves who wish to dedicate their torment to My pleasure.

Those who wish to surrender their defenses and relinquish your mind, body, and soul need look no further. 


Origin Story

Coming of age amid the glamour of Southern California, kink called to Me. Early on My journey I was able to learn from Mistress Ilsa Strix and the late Mistress Sabrina Belladonna, beginning with their fantastic workshops and collaborating with them on productions.


These amazing Dominant Women modeled the kind of Dominatrix I wanted to be. In My early 20's I began to fully embrace becoming a Professional Domina. With over a decade of experience, I continue to refine My Wisdom and My skills through continuing education and training. My dungeon is a reflection of My Mind and Spirit: open, caring, and compassionate for My pets and your kinks.

Concurrently, My study of the human body and mind combined with study of the occult allowed for My inner Goddess to grow and develop with a sense of care and consideration to the body and soul of each subject that sought Me. 


While I do bear a strong resemblance to a certain fashion doll, I am also a chameleon. I am captivating from head to toe: from My crown of soft, platinum blonde tresses, to My hourglass figure down to My long, sexy legs. I delight in various roles from Dr. Charlotte to Head Mistress. You will find My charismatic presence the perfect guide for your submissive urges.

I am a mirror to amplify and elucidate your most colorful fantasies and arousing nightmares.


Submit to Me and you will be transformed under my thoughtful application of bondage and discipline along with a training regimen structured to best help you become My cherished pet.




I enjoy getting inside your mind to see how your humiliation kink works for you. No two people who enjoy humiliation share the same motivations. Goddess employs language, roleplay, & various activities to reinforce the humiliation of My subjects.


The rituals I have developed with my pets vary from monthly meetings to daily devotionals. Each ritual is unique and powerful when the intention of the submissive is to do their best for their Mistress.


My satisfaction is not simply in the act of torture, but in your endurance of it for Me. From impact play to stress positions, I use sadistic measures as a means of connecting you further to Me as well as with your body. 


As an ever-expanding Goddess, I continue growing My Kink Empire. I have taste and surround Myself with quality, whether it be in clothing, gear, or submissive pet. As a Sovereign, My subjects rejoice in My successes and spoil Me. It feels absolutely thrilling to have a subject who wishes to delight Me with gifts and tribute. Every tribute is an opportunity to feel you've made a worthy contribution to My Lifestyle.


Sissy play is one of My favorite forms of play. Dressing you up like a vulnerable, little trollop and training you to be a soft and yielding slut is some of My proudest work. I can put pets through their paces with finishing school activities with a healthy dose of slut training.