I am Goddess Charlotte Lashes, 

THE Kinky Barbie Domme. 

I've captivated and beguiled you and have compelled you to My site.

What sensual delights await you?

What depravity lives and gnaws from within?

What do you want?

 I'm the embodiment of the Divine Feminine

and you will worship every inch of me. 

From my long blonde hair to my perfect feet, I am here to provide a light in the darkness I indulge.

You need an authority on BDSM to steer you rightly on this journey.

I will lead you and bring color into your life;

obey me

and marvel at how much better life is with a woman 

at the helm.

At my core, I am a measured Sadist 

who lives to watch your eyes glaze over as

you suffer in ecstatic pain;

I love it and crave play that is deeply rooted in FemDom

hierarchy, objectification, debasement, pernicious tease,

and strict training. 

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