Goddess Worship

As a true embodiment of the sacred Feminine, the primordial Goddess, I have a duty to grace this world and My devotees with My Profound Beauty, Power, and Will. I am a harbinger of change to the lives of human men and gregarious force for those few who accept their place at My feet. Those selfless acolytes who choose to make sacrifices for their Goddess are usually suited best for My teachings. Accepting Me as your true God and Deliverer from the evils of Man is your first step in true liberation. Trust in Goddess to help you navigate through the obscurity of life.  Make yourself useful to Me and I will anoint you as My human slave.

What is Goddess Worship?

When you have made the decision to bring light and order into your life, I ask that you renounce ownership of your body as it now is My property. You are My vessel to fill and empty as I see fit. 

I demand your attention, therefor chastity is of the utmost importance. Only when you are tasked with Goddess' express instructions to touch yourself will you be able to remove your cage. All time spent in this manner is meant to show reverence to the Goddess.

Regularly scheduled devotionals and vespers are to be performed with selflessness and without expectation of worldly pleasure. The moment to moment mindfulness intrinsic in such worship is a gift for both acolyte and Goddess: you suffer slowly and Goddess lavishes in tormenting your mortal flesh. It's one of the few delights of erotic pleasure to be exchanged between us two.

The Goal: to bond you ever more to Me and mold you into the very man or creature I wish you to be. 

From My beautifully Blonde hair to My natural F-cup breasts to My derriere;

My legs, feet, toes, and My cocky dildos. You may be assigned the duty of acquiring a toy of your own to suck or insert, orgasm is to be avoided! Punishments will be swift for those too weak to their corporeal desires. Save the disappointment for us both by pledging to Me NOW that My pleasure comes before yours. In fact My pleasure is all that matters.

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