Financial Domination

Is She real? I can assure you I am very real.

I get questions all the time if I really feel that men are inferior to Women and I have to say, yes.

It's the truth. Women provide the structure, the cycle of life by which all the rest of humanity lives. Nature is a Mother.

It's time to make a withdrawal for the Divine Feminine.


Catcalls, tragic dick pics, and half-baked pick-up lines prove how pathetic most men are. So I'll make this really easy on you. you pay Me for My time and I'll manage your finances.

The rule is you only take what you need, I take the rest. Shall I ask you to pay 10%, 15%, 20% of your income to me? I think I'm owed all of the spoils of your life since I will be managing it. 

If you've got it in you to manage a short term debt contract, I would be more than happy to put you on the most austere living conditions. 

Of course, you need to eat, sleep, work, live. I will manage that for you and take what is due to me. 

You will take work to give you as much money as you need to survive on the bear minimum. The rest is left to me to manage. You are required to pay your rent/mortgage, transportation to/from work and the rest is left to me. Maybe one week will be a week you practice extreme restraint and eat only quinoa and drink only water. Maybe beans and rice is all you are allowed for 3 whole days. You will thank me for such attention paid to your training and slow surrender. You won't be able to do anything or go anywhere that required you focus on anything other than me and my pleasure.

I will have you craving more work simply so you can pay me more money. When you earn for me, you're ensuring a satisfying exchange between us. Slowly becoming more and more my piggy bank. 

 Who's in control now?

 I'm here to teach you to beg, to humble you. 

I'm here to receive my gifts and enjoy my Superior life! you're here to watch.

I don't need your cash, but I want it. I get a rush of excitement meeting a submissive who enjoys his own self-abasement, especially at the sight of a beautifully powdered and pedicured Woman. I relish that inner tension and paralysis men feel when I stand over their huddled forms as they hand Me cash, eyes lowered.

How much do you want this? Enough to fill up My purse, of course.

Enough to send you home with memories of My glorious smile, My beautiful curves and enough to make your balls ache for relief that will never come.

My thighs opening up, then gently closing and crossing to hold that handful of $100 bills.

Money makes me wet.



Maybe I'll send you hope with an assignment to only jerk to My photo.

Maybe you want Me to  expose you. 

I excite you, don't I?

Intrigue you?

Maybe even frighten you?

For millenia, Women have suffered at the hands and whims of patriarchy. I'm here to level the playing field and give you a chance to pay me what I'm owed for men of the world who have too much money on their hands.

I am here to remind you of your naturally inferior position as a male, below Me.

I exist to break weak men, to absorb their wealth, to reset them with a more purposeful existence and humble them. 

Are you at all worthy of My time?

Prove it, worm.

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