Dungeon Etiquette

I have the pleasure of operating out of a very well equipped dungeon space. From pinch to poke, from sting to thud, I have a wide assortment of  implements that will strap, flog, pierce, pull, pound, pummel, ply, fill, entice, clean, dirty, and defile you. I take good care of my toys and clean everything meticulously.

I've outlined a few basic rules for potential supplicants:  

1. I'M THE BOSS. From the time you pull up into the driveway until the time you drive away, I am in charge. If for any reason you need to leave, I will understand. As a reminder, I do not issue refunds for my time. 

2. Have Tribute ready before session begins.

3. SAFEWORDS ARE NON-NEGOTIABLE. Green, yellow and red are universally known and work fine. 

4. Be Mr. Clean! Please bathe before visiting Me. Save us both the embarrassment of me telling you that you need to bathe. I can also provide basic dental hygiene tools such as mouthwash and toothbrush/paste. Cologne does nothing the mask the stench of neglect. This leads Me to an obvious one. 

5. Follow all instructions and directions. If you're a BRATTY Bottom and think you can pull a fast one on Me and "top from the bottom", I have the right to call the scene. I love playfulness, but pushy bottoms that repeatedly step out of line will be dismissed. There is nothing for you here. 

6. Be discreet. I respect your privacy, you respect Mine. Secrets are always kept in the strictest confidence. 

7. A follow-up email is requested of you up to three (3) days after our meeting. Feedback helps both of us. 

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