Distance Domination

Sharing physical space with me isn't always possible. For those who are simply unable to come to my dungeon and submit your flesh to me in real time, I offer Distance Domination


What does this look like? Each person is different, so no two training protocols are the same.


At the core of Distance Domination is care and self improvement. BDSM allows us to fulfill obscure desires to become more whole human beings. This should be no different in a long distance arrangement.


Though I can not be by your side, I can play with you remotely!

Using meeting platforms, I can watch you complete simple tasks or I can create long torturous predicaments, both physically and mentally.  I love to watch you struggle!

In some cases, chastity is absolutely necessary. 

I offer key-holding for a monthly fee.

Please inquire below and include that in your submission. 

Safety is of the utmost concern and discussed prior to any online session. If I feel you do not have the appropriate tools to play, I will suggest resources where you can find reputable toys/tools.


I will not sanction any insertable WITHOUT A FLANGE.


Contact me below to inquire about rates and request Distance Domination today!

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