Who is The Kinky Barbie Domme?

Charlotte took to kink early in Southern California. There, she was able to explore the world of Pro Domme with the help of Mistress Ilsa Strix and the late Mistress Sabrina Belladonna. She honed her skills with private play partners until she decided to take up the mantle of Professional Domina. 

As a Mistress, Charlotte is a study in juxtaposition.

Sweet yet sinister, kind yet sadistic. 

Creative yet cruel.


Mistress Charlotte got her name as Kinky Barbie Domme due to her strong resemblance to the famous fashion doll. With her sexy, long legs and hourglass figure, her crown of soft platinum blonde hair, she will beguile you before you even realize she has ensnared you. 

Bondage, discipline, and structured training are at the core of Mistress Charlotte's kink. She hopes to find docile and obedient submissives to play with as they are her favorite.


Aside from being a practiced Mistress, Charlotte's theatre background gives her an ability to adopt many roles with ease. Whether Mistress, Princess, Goddess, Nurse, Teacher, or Mommy, Kinky Barbie Domme loves indulging fantasy!


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