Who is The Kinky Barbie Domme?

I took to kink early in life. Growing up in Southern California, I was able to explore the world of kink with mindblowing workshops put on by Mistress Ilsa Strix and the late Mistress Sabrina Belladonna. I had the good fortune of working with both for content production before my 21st birthday. 

I had visions of going pro having seen fantastic real life Domina's.

After over a decade, I continue to learn and expand on my kink exploration with continuing education. I strive to bring to the dungeon a wide open mind and care for my pets and their kinks. 


I've been told I bear a strong resemblance to the famous fashion doll. I do enjoy using my sexy, long legs and hourglass figure, my crown of soft platinum blonde hair. I am beguiling, endearing, and in being so, the perfect guide to your inner exploration. 

Living joyfully is a side effect after my methods have been implemented. 

Bondage, discipline, and structured training are but tools of personal transformation that I use with discernment.

I am best suited to those who wish to worship and indulge a Divine woman who in turn has the power to transform your ego with the stroke of my whip lash or the snap of my fingers.


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